Not Bad for a Newbie

Our beautiful, dried flower display by Zuzu at Maison Maioli not only impressed the people of Wimbledon, but the judges, too! We were truly chuffed to place within the top 10 of all the instalments in the village, especially as we’re still very new.


Bringing the court to our restaurant with racquets adorned with flowers and balls made of flowers, the vibrant display was truly eye-catching.


We really enjoyed seeing all the other displays throughout the village, sporting the famous purple, green and white of Wimbledon and we can’t wait to join in again next year and for years to come.


If you haven’t yet tried it, our Wimbledon set menu; ‘Point, Set, Match’ is available every day this week, finishing on the 10th. Take a look at it on our Insta and come and enjoy an Over The Net Cocktail to celebrate Wimbledon 2022 right!